Mixed leaf salad: free-range egg – house dressing 8.50
Tenant salad – house dressing – Sigriswiler Hobelkäse – free-range egg – apple – walnut 14.50
Farmer's terrine – cranberries – leaf salad bouquet 17.50
Vitello Tonnato from veal round mocking 26.50/38.50
Beef tongue carpaccio – vegetable vinaigrette 22.50
Beef tartare – butter toast – cheese grater butter 22.50/36.50
Marrow bone from Ädu Gygax from the stovepipe 15.50
Coconut curry soup 9.50
Planchette with local meat and cheese specialties 28.50

Main courses
Homemade knöpfli – wild mushrooms – herbs – garlic – cream 28.50
Emmental venison sausages – onion sauce – Löchlibad rösti 29.50
Emmental venison pepper – juniper wild cream sauce – homemade knöpfli – Herbstgold 42.50
Veal slices with mushroom cream sauce – Löchlibad Rösti 42.50
Beef sirloin steak – herb butter – French fries – market vegetables 49.50
Störemetzgers pork sausages – onion sauce – Löchlibad rösti 24.50
Cordonbleu with ham and Aare water cheese – French fries – market vegetables 36.50

Vermicelles – Vanilla Ice Cream – Meringue 14.50
Meringues from Biglen – 2 scoops of ice cream of your choice – whipped cream 14.50
Tarte Tatin – vanilla ice cream 16.50
Grandmother’s burnt cream 9.50
Löchlibad iced coffee – cherry 14.50
Blood orange sorbet with Campari 14.50
Ice cream ball from Chrigu Gasser 4.40: Vanilla – Caramel Fleur de Sel – Wild Berry Yoghurt – Pistache
Sorbet ball from Chrigu Gasser 4.40: blood orange - raspberry - dark chocolate
Cheese variation Affineur Jumi – fruit bread – fig mustard – pomace honey 26.50

General Terms and Conditions Restaurant:
"No Show" employs all Swiss catering establishments; Reserved seats but no one shows up. Personnel were mobilized, in the kitchen and service, in vain. The catering business must also pay for this if there is nothing to do because guests do not show up. At the latest from the day before the reservation, increased costs will be incurred; people buy, they start to produce, the costs are free, including food waste. It's significant. The reservation system reminds you 24 hours in advance of the upcoming pleasure hours, so everyone has the opportunity to adjust their reservation, just before increased costs are triggered. After that, anyone who makes a reservation but does not show up will be compensated for the costs they have incurred with the no-show fee of CHF 50.00 per person. Every real guest doesn't have to bother with it, one thing is clear to him: whoever makes a reservation looks forward to it and shows up. For short-term reservations, the easiest way to reach us is by calling +41 31 701 21 21 during official business hours. Thanks very much.