The "Baad Wirthschaft am Brandisswald" was first mentioned in 1688. The authorities felt compelled to shut down the "tiled baths in Brandisswald" because the then spa innkeeper Jacob Schoenholtzer "had a bad life in the woods with woodcutting" and because the baths "lived a godless, annoying life on Saturdays and Sundays."
The tiled bath mentioned above must have been the later Löchlibad. In any case, apart from this one, no other spa in the Brandiswald is known. The term “tiled bath” was no longer found later, and even today, such a site name or a similar one is unknown in the vicinity of the Brandiswald.

A letter of validity from 1710 and a contract of sale from 1728 confirm the age of the bath. In 1743 the bath was certified under the name "Baad Wirthschaft im Ochsenwald Grichts Biglen". The name "Löchlein-Bad" appears for the first time in the 18th century.

Around 1800 it was a bathing establishment with an economy; the "bear" in Biglen, which was fashionable at the time, is said to have brought its guests to bathe.

In 1851, a "Stöckli" (today's renovated inn) was built to serve as a new farm building. A small bathing house "which, apart from the 4 sufficiently spacious bathing cells, each with 2 boxes, only contained the open boiler room" was a few meters further down. In 1901 the bathing facilities were moved to the basement of the farm building (today the kitchen and storage rooms) and the old bathing house was demolished.

In 1928, public bathing was discontinued and the bath was only heated for neighbors and family. The bathing stopped altogether in the 1950s.

The Löchlibad remained closed from 1982-89. In 1987 the former hostess Mina died: today a Stübli – her former bedroom – is named after her. Mina only served the guests drinks, maybe a sandwich now and then. At that time, the inn consisted only of what is now the old dining room and a dance hall on the first floor, in which people danced on Sundays. Only after a change of ownership were various modifications made. In 1989 it was reopened under the leaseholder M. Bichsel. In 1994, our predecessor & landlady Johanna Schwab acquired the Löchlibad.

Thanks to the incredible commitment of Urs Grossen (current owner), the Restaurant & Hotel Löchlibad was reopened on May 1, 2022. Aedu dr Pächter, Michu dr Chichichef and the highly motivated Löchlibad team have been giving you a warm welcome in the new dress ever since.

The source of the former bath is still flowing, the ferrous water tastes excellent. At the time, it was particularly recommended for rheumatism, skin diseases and weeping ulcers. In the past, it was also believed that the sources of iron associated with the power of Mars stimulated male libido...